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Connect your seniors to everything that matters with MyCommunities

MyCommunities is the only platform built specifically for senior living communities that offers a full range of features for residents, family, and staff.

This sophisticated platform gives your property staff the tools to address requests more efficiently, from maintenance work orders to questions about community events.

The white-label resident app is completely customizable and can be branded for any community or portfolio. Your residents will have access to a wide range of features and your business wil


  • Use the messaging feature to chat with neighbors and staff 
  • Create and join group chats to discuss events, social clubs, and interests
  • Spark conversation on the community and volunteer discussion boards
  • View custom digital signage from community and portfolio staff


  • Get instant access to a calendar of events and activities
  • RSVP to events and create your own
  • Receive event push notifications and community alerts from staff
  • Open a maintenance work order and pay rent

   Stay Healthy

  • Enjoy virtual fitness classes, community challenges, and healthy recipes
  • Access telehealth visits directly from the app

   Entertainment & Games

  • Participate in live interactive games and events across the entire portfolio
  • Access streaming services, a local TV guide, music, and podcasts

   Food & Transportation

  • Easily order delivery services with third-party app integration
  • View menus and select meals
  • Book a ride on community vans or third-party transportation
  • Vote on locations to go for community trips

  IoT & Report

  • Use the app to control your smart devices in your apartment as lighting, thermostat, and door locks
  • Energy management and sustainability
  • Centralized experience with IoT sensors that enhance quality of care and provide more dignity while aging
  • Data will be used provide insights and deliver results

   Custom Features

  • White-labeled experience
  • Customized features for the portfolio, community,  unit, or care level
  • Offer any desired functionality

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