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The Importance of Compassionate Support


In the past decade, tech use among older adults has increased significantly. According to a study by Pew Research Center, 96% of those aged 50 to 64 are now using the Internet, along with 75% of those aged 65+.

Seniors are eager to embrace new technology but often feel overwhelmed and uncertain. In many senior living communities, residents have access to a wide range of features and applications that go unused. They hesitate to ask for help. One of the biggest complaints about technology providers is that their support is not helpful. Property staff often fill this technology support gap despite not being technology experts and having competing priorities. 

These days, property owners understand the importance of offering their residents a home-like setting and modern technological conveniences that can significantly improve seniors' quality of life. If these devices and systems are not correctly installed and supported, they can actually bring stress rather than comfort. The solution is working with a partner that offers a support team who understands the unique needs of older adults—this frees up property staff to focus on other priorities. It’s crucial to helping a senior living community meet its goals.

With tech support designed specifically for seniors, we can help them fully embrace the benefits of new technology and age-in-place longer. At Dual Path, all support representatives undergo extensive empathy training before they take their first call from a resident.

Here are a few reasons why we're known as the best support provider in the industry:

  • We know your residents. A good support representative will know how to recognize and respond to customers' emotions. A great representative will seek to understand a resident's level of knowledge and adjust their language accordingly to avoid condescending jargon that could diminish empathy and trust.
  • We show kindness. Many seniors struggle with loneliness and worry about being perceived as a burden. The goal is to address the issue while also offering kind, knowledgeable guidance that will instill confidence and empower residents to take advantage of the available technology.
  • We solve the whole problem. The priority shouldn't be to close the support ticket. Solving the problem means identifying the root cause of customers' issues, generating solutions, and involving customers in decision-making. Most importantly, we follow up with the resident to ensure everything is running smoothly and they don't have any other questions.

The right partner will care for your customers like they were their own. At Dual Path, we understand the importance of providing compassionate and knowledgeable support to your staff and residents. We continuously receive positive feedback from residents, demonstrating that exceptional customer service will ensure seniors feel confident learning and benefiting from the latest technologies. Earlier today, a resident in Billing, MT reached out:

"I don't like to call and bother the team," she said, "but they're always so kind and gracious and of course solve the issue with one call. Please let them know how wonderful and knowledgeable they are and especially how much they're appreciated."

Connect with us to learn more about the benefits of compassionate support and why our support is rated best in class.