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Simplifying Senior Living: MyCommunities App Makes Engagement Easier


In senior living communities, keeping residents engaged is essential for promoting their mental and physical health. Offering amenities like fitness classes and activities improves quality of life and strengthens social connections. A demand for conveniences like meal delivery, entertainment, and transportation services is also growing.

Providing a range of amenities is a great way to increase community engagement. Still, it’s important to implement them in a simple, easy-to-use, and convenient way for residents to reduce the burden on staff.

MyCommunities is the only platform built specifically for senior living communities that offers a full range of features for residents and staff.

Distributed as a white-label mobile app, MyCommunities can be branded for any community or portfolio with entirely customizable features to suit the needs of your residents and staff.

The interface is designed with aging adults in mind, giving residents a central hub to connect them to everything they need. With large fonts, simple buttons, and a single tap to call 24/7 support or return to the home screen, it’s easier than ever for seniors to stay engaged in their communities. Logging in is simple: Residents get a login text or email after entering their information.

The resident app is the front end of a sophisticated platform that allows staff members to address resident requests more efficiently, from maintenance work orders to questions about community events. Resident communications, announcements, and community management can be handled by a local property manager or centrally at the portfolio level, resulting in faster, more cohesive communications and a consistent brand experience.

MyCommunities has an abundance of features to enhance the resident, family, and staff experience:

Make friends, meet new people, and invite family to stay involved in daily activities with a one-touch connection. Residents can use the messaging feature to chat with each other, post on the discussion board, or schedule an event to get to know their neighbors. The platform also includes an application for family members to stay connected with their loved ones and be a part of the digital community from anywhere.

Get instant access to a calendar of events, announcements, activities, and more. Community staff can create custom digital signage to display in the app and send push notifications and safety alerts to their residents. Residents can also easily message staff or open a maintenance work order from the app.

Health & Wellness
Connect your residents to valuable resources to stay healthy including virtual fitness classes, community fitness challenges, and healthy recipes. Offer portfolio-wide health talks and telehealth visits directly from the app for complete healthcare convenience.

Entertainment & Games
Participate in live interactive games and events across the entire portfolio or enjoy a selection of single-player mobile games available directly on the app. Weekly community trivia is a big hit! The app can also view a TV channel guide, log into streaming services, access music and podcasts, and see curated TV and movie recommendations.

Food & Transportation
Get instant access to food and transportation with delivery and rideshare features. Communities can integrate both third-party and community-offered services. Residents won’t need to remember the community address. Addresses for frequent destinations like the doctor’s office, shopping centers, and your community can be saved.

Smart Home Tools
MyCommunities supports IoT (Internet of Things) integration, which means it can control in-unit smart devices. Residents can adjust their thermostat settings, turn on the lights, or lock their doors directly from the app. Community staff also have access to in-unit IoT features, creating an easy fix for lost keys.

Custom Features
MyCommunities can be customized to include any additional features you desire. Our developers work with you to tailor the application to your brand, integrating any functionality you can imagine to enhance your communities—the possibilities are endless. Dual Path also provides tech concierge services, allowing residents to quickly connect with a support representative to assist using the app or troubleshoot any of their devices.

MyCommunities makes it easy for residents to stay connected and enjoy everything their community has to offer. On the back end, your staff will have the power to drive cultural engagement and work more efficiently to focus on providing quality care.

MyCommunities is a comprehensive tool for portfolio managers to improve resident retention and grow revenue. The platform provides invaluable data insights with a full suite of reporting and analytics to monitor how users engage on an individual property level, regional level, or across the entire portfolio. Access information including how many people attended an event, when residents were last active on the app, their interests, number of connections, IoT activity data, and more. Dual Path offers training and 24/7 concierge support for staff and residents.

The platform can be purchased as a standalone product or seamlessly integrated with Dual Path solutions, including TV and Internet, managed IT services, cybersecurity, and more. MyCommunities is designed exclusively for senior living communities and is available now only from Dual Path.




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