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A Step-by-Step Guide to Dual Path’s Installation Process


In today’s age, multi-dwelling units (MDUs) such as apartments, senior living communities, and student housing are expected to be built with modern technologies in mind. High-speed Internet access, TV services, and reliable phone systems are already an expectation for staff and residents, while features like building automation, energy management, and IoT are quickly becoming the norm as well.

In previous years, these services were typically provided by several different vendors. Properties were faced with the challenge of contracting a variety of suppliers on their own, which often became costly and hard to manage. This also complicated the task of locating and solving technical issues. These days, property technology, or “PropTech”, is an industry of its own designed to simplify the integration of different technologies in a building.

Dual Path offers end-to-end technology solutions ranging from the initial network design to resident support and IT services. A well-designed, properly implemented network infrastructure determines the speed and reliability of a property’s operations, and it affects the range of technology that can be offered in the long run. Choosing an expert to implement your technology is critical to a property’s success, and as a provider that also offers managed IT services, we ensure all your technologies continue to run smoothly after the installation.

Dual Path simplifies the process of equipping a property with modern technology. We work to ensure our customers quickly and seamlessly receive a state-of-the-art network integrated with all their desired features. Here’s what you can expect during our installation process:


1. Site Survey

We begin by determining your property’s needs. In most cases, our team will visit your location in person to conduct a site survey. This includes a thorough inspection to understand the size of physical space that will be covered, how much bandwidth will be needed, and the most effective way to meet your technology goals. For new construction, we’ll ensure our plans align with the other facets of your building timeline. For existing properties, we assess if your existing infrastructure can be leveraged and if there are any obstacles that may exist. 

2. Custom Design

You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager who will set a timeline and oversee every aspect of your implementation. Our engineers will design a custom solution tailored to your individual property that maximizes speed, efficiency, and scalability. We’ll outline the details of your design with you to ensure all your expectations are met. Each solution is thoroughly tested before leaving our facility. 

3. Installation

Once we’ve perfected your network design, your project manager will coordinate a seamless integration by managing the on-site operations and ensuring your solution is delivered on schedule. We’ll make sure to communicate with your staff, residents, and any other project stakeholders throughout the process to keep them informed on what to expect.  Our team will build and deploy your solution, which includes a 250+ point installation process to confirm everything is working as designed.

4. Ongoing Support

We employ a local, in-house team of customer service specialists to provide ongoing support the moment your service goes live. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure that any technical problems are handled quickly and efficiently. Your residents will have access to immediate, best-in-class support for any in-unit issues, and your staff will benefit from our property management software (PMS) support and managed IT services. We use remote monitoring to quickly locate and fix any problems—often before you even notice them.


At Dual Path, we aim to be your trusted partner for the entire lifecycle of your property. Our comprehensive packages are custom-fit to your organization’s needs, and we prioritize clear communication and excellent customer service to ensure we exceed your expectations. Our cutting-edge solutions are tested and proven to give our customers access to the best technology the market has to offer.

We have thousands of happy customers offering seamless technology to their residents. Ready to become one of them?




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